Platform for intercultural exchange

The City of Sulz, citizens’ initiatives, associations and others offer an event for intercultural exchange on

Juli, 12th, 3 pm


Stadthalle Backsteinbau in Sulz

Am 12. Juli treffen sich Engagierte und Interessierte im Backsteinbau. Foto: Stadt Sulz

Volunteers, initiatives, associations and other meet at Stadthalle Backsteinbau in Sulz. Credit: City of Sulz

Interested people are invited to the event at Backsteinbau.

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3 pm – 5:30 pm

Options for volunteers

Initiatives will show their work.


3:30 pm – 5 pm



6 pm – 8 pm

Official Welcoming Speech

Hannes Wezel, Staatsministerium Baden-Württemberg

Welcoming Speech Gerd Hieber, Major of Sulz

Foundation of LebensWert

New Initiative for public participation and engagement.



Informations and application

Please register till June, 30th 2016 at:

Hans-Ulrich Händel

Beauftragter für Bürgerengagement und Bürgerbeteiligung

Untere Hauptstr. 2

72172 Sulz a.N.
Tel.: 07454/9650-77

E-Mail: ulrich.haendel [at]


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We met despite the icy weather

More than 100 people have met on the Marktplatz in the centre of Sulz am Neckar to demonstrate their passion for tolerance, peace and a culture of welcome.

Frank helds a speech in Sulz.

Frank Boernard held a speech to open the demonstration. Photocredit: Samira Zerrouak

A lot of different people held short addresses to show that there is a broad range of supporters in our hometown. Some speakers hadn’t ever held a speech to the public before in their live.

Two refugees emphasised their intent to live a peaceful life together with Germans and expressed their thankfulness for all the support they got.

At the same time, the right wing party “Alternative für Deutschland” held a meeting in the town hall called “Backsteinbau”. “It’s very cold on our icy marketplace”, said Frank Boernard, “but I bet it’s much colder in the Backsteinbau!” He received thundering applause for that statement.

Karin Schmidtke played “Amazing Grace” on her bagpipe, Gabi Retí sang “Imagine” to warm the people on the marketplace.

Refugees served Syrian food after the official part of the demonstration. Both Newspapers have published several articles about the demonstration:

Viele Appelle für Toleranz

Im Backsteinbau ist es kälter

Zeichen für Frieden und Toleranz

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A Sign for Tolerance, Peace and a Culture of Welcome

Many different people from different nations will give a signal of tolerance, peace and a culture of welcome at the heart of the town Sulz am Neckar.

The right wing party “Alternative für Deutschland” helds a meeting in our hometown on Friday, 22. of January.

At the same time people from Sulz meet at the town center (Marktplatz) to show that there there are people who believe, that a culture of welcome is much more constructive than stoking fears or closing European borders.

We invite you to join us on

Friday, 22. of January, 18:30

Candles Sign of Peace

We invite you to bring some candles.

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Children of the refugees discover snow

Refugees living in Sulz have experienced masses of snow for the first time. Their children have build a snowman together with German friends. Some pictures show that they had lots of fun!

Syrian children

Syrian children make their first experiences with heavy snowfall in southern Germany.

Syrian children snowman.

They build their first snowman in Sulz.

Snowman in Bergfelden

This is one of the results: A beautiful snowman in Bergfelden.

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Good wishes for the New Year from the refugees

Refugees in Sulz and its districts have celebrated New Year’s Eve. They have send good wishes for 2016 to the people in Germany:

Best wishes 2016

Good wishes for 2016 by Basel Kharouf in Arabic.

Samira Zerrouak has translated them: “We wish the German citizens and the country love and peace. The same we wish for our country, Syria. Many thanks to Mr. Thiel, Mr. Pfister, AK Asyl Sulz and heartfelt to our sister Samira Zerrouak.”

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How we help refugees to become integrated

The community and lot of volunteers help refugees to start their way in Germany. Some examples:

  • Four children go to the basic primary school.
  • Five children visit the nursery.
  • Volunteers and medical specialist care for a traumatized child.
  • The police trains children in road safety.
  • Refugees took part in some traditional celebrations like Martinsfest and “Sulz enlightens”.
  • Refugees and local people did some gardening together at the moated-castle of Glatt.
  • Refugees invited local people for a theatre performance and traditional syrian food. 200 guests enjoyed the evening.
  • Local people had a walk through the village of Bergfelden.
  • … and more
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Road safety in Germany

The German Automobile Club (ADAC) has published a brochure about road safety. It explains the most important rules. The brochure uses pictures to show you how to stay safe.

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 20.32.34

There is text in Deutsch, English and Arab. Click here to download a PDF version.

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